Choosing the right oral & maxillofacial surgery office is important.  Whether it’s 3D imaging, computer-guided surgery or high-tech equipment, you’ll find it in use here at The OC….where the caring human touch and years of experience meet state-of-the-art technology!

The X-Guide™

X-Guide™ surgical navigation  represents the most advanced technology of its type.  Sophisticated software follows the surgeon’s plan to provide turn-by-turn guidance during surgical procedures.  This computer-guided approach allows for the most precise placement possible of dental implants.

Doctor using technology to show image of teeth

Cone Beam CT Scanner

Our office uses the award winning iCAT Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging system. The i-CAT produces high definition 3-D diagnostic images for ultimate treatment safety & efficiency.  With this device, our doctors have direct access to advanced 3-D treatment planning tools for a variety of surgical procedures.

Radiofrequency Surgery

The Ellman International radio surgical device is a unique surgical instrument that uses radio frequency energy.  Patients appreciate this less invasive & gentler approach to surgery which reduces the risk of tissue damage &  results in better healing.


The Piezotome is a high performance instrument that uses ultrasonic technology.  This means patients experience less  post-operative discomfort along with rapid healing.


Our collection of Cynosure family lasers enables us to perform a variety of procedures.  Benefits of laser surgery include less bleeding, quicker recovery, reduced risk of infection & less swelling.